“What you have sowed and planted with hardship and tears is now a full grown and fruit bearing tree of services of caring for hungry children and the poor, who according to Pope Francis, deserves not only charity but also their human dignity! May you increase as long as the battle against worldwide poverty lasts!”

Bishop Oscar A. Solis


“You are invited to the Wedding feast” (Rev 19:9).

Membership in the Association is to those who are called to this spirituality and charism of standing in the gap. Membership is a calling within a calling. Lay, religious and clergy can be called to this vocation of the Lamb – in a particular manner.

Every vocation, work, job and profession are part of God’s providence. We are to channel God’s grace. Each one stands in the gap as an instrument playing a part in an orchestra producing a harmony of love and care for each other. “We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him, whom he has called according to his plan” (Rom 8:28).

Affiliate Members

Come and See (Jn 1:39).

Affiliates are those who have undergone the affiliate formation and are open to live the life of the LAMB. Affiliate membership is open to interfaith and inter-religious partnership.

Covenant Members

“If you remain in me I will remain in you” (Jn 15:4).

They are members who recognize and commit to keep the covenant with God through His Church and the Holy Eucharist, a life of intimate relationship. We are a family of God, serving other families who help other families; couples who are serving other couples, who help other couples.

Disciple Members

“Make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19).

Disciples are members who have undergone the discipleship formation program in being a disciple, as well as, training disciples to make other disciples who cultivate other disciples.

Servant Members

“A servant cannot serve two masters” (Lk 16:13).

Servant members are members who have undergone discipleship formation; they are mobile and itinerant. Generally, servants are committed to be sent out in special mission or in the expansion of the Association, at home or abroad.


Other than the affiliate, covenant, disciple and servant, there is a special formation for guides, companions, shepherds and mentors for a one-on-one formation program.

As the Lamb of God, Jesus, died for the salvation of all. The perspective to live the fullness of Catholic life is part of the transmission of faith as the background of our charism and spirituality – to strive to be good, better and best practicing Christian Catholics in the works.

Members are not volunteers.

Volunteers are not necessarily called. Jesus commands us to follow The LAMB wherever He goes… and, “Make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19).